Why a New URL?


As the asphalt pavement industry continues to be a leader in supporting more sustainable practices, we felt it was important toreflectthat we're moving forward as an organization, too. This website has been designed with the needs of our members and the communities they serve in mind.

Why a New URL?

The asphalt paving industry is more than than just an industry that produces and places hot mix asphalt pavement. TXAPA's previous URL reflected the production and placement of hot mix asphalt through the use of txhotmix.org as the URL address. This made sense and was consistent with the asphalt paving industry across not only Texas but across the country as well. With the advent,heavy use and success of warm mix asphalt it was felt that a new URL was in order, one that reflected this important change. TexasAsphalt.org (which is not case sensitive) is the perfect fit and it mirrors similar changes that are being made across the country by our industry.

What you Will Find on Our Site

TXAPA Members will be able to…

stay informed about events and news that affects your businesses .

have access to minutes from TXAPA Committee meetings.

have access to minutes from TXAPA/TxDOT Partners in Quality meetings.

get detailed contact information on fellow members.

have access to the eTXAPA monthly newsletter.

have access to the complete TXAPA calendar of events.

City, county, and state elected officials and professionals, as well as, city, county, state and consultant engineers will be able to…

learn more about the economic, environmental and engineering benefits of asphalt pavements.

learn about the asphalt paving industry's commitment to livable communities.

have their questions concerning asphalt pavements answered.

have access to TXAPA staff for educational opportunities such as lunch and learn sessions.

learn about seminar and webinar opportunities in their area that will cover various aspects of the asphalt paving industry.

participate in TXAPA quality asphalt paving award programs as they are developed.

How We will Grow the Site in the Future

TXAPA's commitment to being a full-service association for the asphalt industry will help us to grow the site into a first rate resource for the asphalt paving community. The site will help to serve the needs of the asphalt producers, contractors, liquid asphalt suppliers and interested firms dedicated to improving and growing the asphalt industry. The website will be an extension of TXAPA's commitment and dedication to providing the services and information that will keep its member firms and the industry on a competitive edge.

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