TXAPA Live Schedule


THURSDAY 14: Keeping the Industry Competitive
THURSDAY 21: NO TXAPA LIVE - Membership Meeting

THURSDAY 28: Aggregate Fundamentals with Chuck Fuller



THURSDAY 11: The Importance of Friction on Roadways

THURSDAY 18: How Materials and Mix Designs Affect Friction

THURSDAY 25: Liquid Asphalt Fundamentals with Chuck Fuller


THURSDAY 11: Liquid Asphalt Sampling and Testing

THURSDAY 18: Proper Material Usage/Application: Tacks, PG Binders, Emulsions

THURSDAY 25: Mix Types and Applications Fundamentals with Chuck Fuller


THURSDAY 15: Sustainability: Green Asphalt, What It Is, and How to Get It

THURSDAY 22: Sustainability: National Trends

THURSDAY 29: Plant Operations Fundamentals with Chuck Fuller


THURSDAY 13: The Importance of Smooth, Quiet Pavements

THURSDAY 20: TxDOT's Ride Specification: Correct Application and Construction Tips

THURSDAY 27: Placement Operations Fundamentals with Chuck Fuller


THURSDAY 10: Your Job Matters: Certification, Chain of Custody, and Reporting Results

THURSDAY 17: Testing Equipment and Procedures: Shear Test and Methylene Blue Updates

THURSDAY 24: Certification Success Fundamentals with Chuck Fuller


Balanced Mix Design Specification

Balanced Mix Design Nationally

What's Important to Michael Lee, TxDOT


TXAPA Scholarship Program: Scholarship Winner

Scholarship Program Fundraising Kickoff

What's Important to Carl Johnson, TxDOT Fort Worth


What’s Important to Chris Cowan, TxDOT San Angelo 


Associate Member Update

Major Associate Member Update

What's Important to Buddy Williams, TxDOT Atlanta


Asphalt Road-eo Winners: Where Are They Now?

What's Important to Miles Garrison, TxDOT MTD


Year in Review with Outgoing President Craig Odom

2022 Preveiw with Incoming TXAPA President

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