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We want to provide our members with every resource available to continue to be productive and stay informed during the COVID-19 situation. That's why we will start broadcasting LIVE on Tuesdays and Thursdays during these first few weeks when so many are working from home. Through TXAPA Live, it's our goal to help you maintain a sense of normalcy and to always be moving the needle forward for quality asphalt pavements. Our TXAPA Live series will feature a variety of relevant topics and are designed to be interactive, allowing for your questions and comments during the broadcast. 

TXAPA Live kicks off on Tuesday, March 24 and will continue indefinitely according to our government's recommendations for keeping our citizens protected from COVID-19. 

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We will produce TXAPA Live using the same technology we use for our monthly webinars. To participate, you should register for the webinar and login at the appointed time. Our moderators will review the rules of engagement at the beginning of the show.

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