Test Procedures

Request for TXAPA Comments
Send comments to Chuck Fuller or Corey Schwarz by September 11, 2020

Notice of Test Procedure Approved for Statewide Use
This test procedure has been approved for statewide use effective August 2020. 

The test procedure is:

  • new, added to the Soils and Aggregates 100 Series and
  • determines the moisture susceptibility of untreated, granular flexible base materials.

If you have any questions, contact Chuck Fuller or Corey Schwarz 

Response to TXAPA comments and request for additional commentsPlease email Chuck Fuller or Corey Schwarz with your comments or call TXAPA at (512) 312-2099 with questions. Please provide your comments on or before the deadline of July 23, 2020.
  • TEX-244-F - Thermal Profile of Hot Mix Asphalt

Revisions to TEX-500-C and TEX-501-C
​​Request for TXAPA comments due May 20, 2020.
  • TEX-198-E - Minimum Standards for Testing Soils and Flexible Base Materials
  • TEX-498-A - Minimum Standards For Acceptance of a Laboratory for Concrete and Aggregate Testing

Request for TXAPA comments due May 1, 2020. 
  • TEX-400-A - Sampling Aggregate, Flexible Base, Stone, Gravel, Sand, and Mineral Aggregates, and Stone Riprap
  • TEX-244-F - Thermal Profile of Hot Mix Asphalt

​Tex-500-C, “Sampling Bituminous Materials, Pre-Molded Joint Fillers, and Joint Sealers”
TEX-200-F Procedure (January 2020) - Sieve Analysis of Fine and Course Aggregates
TEX-201-F Procedure (January 2020) - Bulk Specific Gravity and Water Absorption of Aggregate
Corrections to TEX-251 and TEX-252 (October 2019)
  • TEX-251-F - Obtaining and Trimming Cores of Bituminous Mixtures
  • TEX-252-F - Determining the Presence of Harmful Clays Using Methylene Blue

TEX-206-F Procedure (July 2019) - Compacting Specimens Using the Texas Gyratory Compactor (TGC)
TEX-207-F Procedure (July 2019) - Determining Density of Compacted Bituminous Mixtures
TEX-226-F Procedure (July 2019) - Indirect Tensile Strength Test
TEX-227-F Procedure (July 2019) - Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity of Bituminous Mixtures
TEX-236-F Procedure (July 2019) - Determining Asphalt Content from Asphalt Paving Mixtures by the Ignition Method
TEX-241-F Procedure (July 2019) - Compacting Bituminous Specimens Using the Superpave Gyratory Compactor  (SGC)
TEX-242-F Procedure (July 2019) - Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Test
TEX-245-F Procedure (July 2019) - Cantabro Loss

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