Superpave Mix


Superpave mixtures are usually used on medium to high volume roadways, performance design mixtures may be appropriate for applications ranging from high volume (or high demand) roadways to low volume (or low demand) roadways. Superpave mixtures can be used as base, intermediate or surface layers. Superpave mixtures can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from new construction to overlays.


As compared to the 7897A specification used for dense-graded mixtures, one of the primary advantages of performance design mixtures is that the mixture design procedures allow one to adjust the binder content (by adjusting the Ndes gyrations) depending on the intended application. The higher asphalt will help mitigate cracking and provides for greater durability. Superpave Mixtures Another advantage is that Superpave mixtures can be designed coarse enough to have stone on stone contact. Achieving stone on stone contact can yield a mix that is highly resistant to rutting and have a coarse surface texture. The coarse surface texture can be beneficial in terms of wet weather traction.

Additional Information

Superpave Mixtures set the bar higher for the contractors to meet in-place density. By using a Superpave gyratory compactor it allows for more oil which will help lead to longer lasting asphalt pavements.

Superpave Mixtures

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