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Harold C. Mullen

Executive Vice President

Harold’s role as Executive Vice President:

Harold works to implement the goals and directives for the board of directors to meet the needs of our membership.

What brought Harold to TXAPA:

Harold jumped at the opportunity to work as a team with members of the asphalt industry on the challenges that they faced. Now, almost 25 years later, he still enjoys working as a cohesive group on a product that he continues to be able to stand behind and promote with much success.

How our members inspire the work Harold does for TXAPA:

When working in an industry that works so hard, it’s easy to be inspired. Harold recognizes how much work goes into perfecting the quality of asphalt pavement and appreciates the passion our members have for ensuring the asphalt industry is the best that it can be.

“It’s an inspiration to me how hard our membership works, how dedicated they are to the industry in general, and how they have a passion for asphalt pavement.”

Harold’s favorite mix type: PFC

Harold is a fan of PFC for three main reasons: it’s safe, it’s smooth, and it’s quiet. But for him, the safety factor is by far the most important. When he’s driving on the road with his family, there is less spray when it’s raining and the water doesn’t puddle up, which keeps his family safe.

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Jim Warren

Director of Engineering and Technology

Jim’s role as Director of Engineering and Technology:

At TXAPA, Jim’s main function is to design, develop, and implement new educational programs for our customers and our members.

What brought Jim to TXAPA:

The opportunity to do something different and make an impact in the industry is what drew Jim to the association. He was intrigued by the training aspect of the position and was looking forward to devoting some quality time to making effective programming.

How our members inspire the work Jim does for TXAPA:

Throughout Jim’s career, he’s always worked for contractors, and he has great respect for them. His admiration and appreciation drive him to provide them with more tools so that they can be better at what they do.

“I respect what they do and the risks that they take, and that inspires me to work hard for them.”

Jim’s favorite mix type:

Jim doesn’t have one particular “favorite” mix type but instead favors mix types that are appropriate for the road on which they belong. He believes that every mix type has its own function and unique use.

“We need to make sure we put the right thing in the right place. And if we do that, they’ll last the way they were intended to.”

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Emily Adams

Director of Marketing

Emily’s role as the Director of Marketing:

Anything that comes out of the association that has to do with branding or messaging — Emily is the creative force behind it. She does graphic design work and copywriting, maintains the website, and manages the magazine and newsletter. She is also in charge of the planning and branding of several events every year, including the Annual Meeting, the Membership Meeting, the MAPS conference, and the Asphalt Road-eo.

What brought Emily to TXAPA:

Prior to being a full-time employee at TXAPA, Emily was a marketing consultant and TXAPA was one of her early clients. She was hired to design a brochure, the logo, and the website. After 10 years of doing other various things for TXAPA and building a great business relationship, she heard there was an opening to come work for the association full time. The thought of this was exciting for everyone involved, and she was hired very soon after.

How our members inspire the work Emily does for TXAPA:

Emily enjoys working for TXAPA and being a part of this industry because of the great people and product. For her, it was easy to get excited about asphalt right from the start because of the passion she was surrounded by.

“Our members are so passionate about what they do. It's hard for that passion not to be contagious.”

Emily’s favorite mix type: PFC

Safety is a top priority for Emily, which is why PFC is her favorite mix type. She always notices a difference when driving on a permeable friction course in hazardous weather conditions because there isn’t any spraying or puddles.

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Steven Roensch

Finance Manager

Steve’s role as Finance Manager:

As the Finance Manager, Steve oversees the financials for the association, the HMAC, and the TXAPA Scholarship Program. Steve completes and submits monthly reports to the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors to provide updates, voice any concerns, and make sure everyone is on the same page.

What brought Steve to TXAPA:

Steve heard about an opening at TXAPA from Emily Adams, our Director of Marketing, who employed Steve’s wife before joining TXAPA full time. He came in for an interview with Harold, met with the Finance Committee, and was unanimously brought onto the team.

“It seemed like a good challenge at that point in my career, to do something different — so that’s what brought me to TXAPA.”

How our members inspire the work Steve does for TXAPA:

Our members inspire Steve by their cooperation with each other despite being competitors. He sees their friendly competition and willingness to help each other out, and it makes him want to do all he can to help them out in return.

“It’s something unique that you probably don’t find in too many industries. And from what I hear, it’s not that way across the U.S. in the asphalt industry, so that’s what makes me want to do my best for them.”

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Chuck Fuller

Industry Relations Consultant

Chuck has been involved in the asphalt industry for over 30 years. During his 19 years as president of Ramming Paving, Chuck participated in the construction of SH 130, US 290, US 183, IH 35, and many more highways throughout Central Texas. Recently retired from Ramming Paving, Chuck now works as an Industry Relations Consultant for TXAPA promoting quality production and placement of asphalt products.

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