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Send comments to Chuck Fuller or Corey Schwarz by May 1, 2020

​SP004-004 - "Scope of Work (Materials Contract Only)" SPEC 520-001 - "Weighing and Measuring Equipment" Request for TXAPA comments: Special Provision to Item 300 Asphalts, Oils, and Emulsions

Send comments to Chuck Fuller or Corey Schwarz by March 6, 2020

UPDATE To Change Memo (De-34-19), SS 3076 - "Dense Grade Hot Mix" (Spec Committee No: 3XXX-20192-18) UPDATE To Change Memo (De-35-19), SS 3077 - "Superpave Mixtures" (Spec Committee No. 3XXX-20192-19 Change Memo (De-33-19), SS 3085 - "Underseal Course" (Spec Committee No. 3XXX-20189-2) Change Memo (De-32-19), SS 3084 - "Bonding Course" (Spec Committee No. 3XXX-20189-1)

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