MAPS Presentations

General Session

Thank you for completing the MAPS 22 survey! PDF versions of the presentations are linked below if one was provided.

DAY ONE - March 8, 2022
Fundamental Terms and Concepts: Design, Materials, Specifications, Construction, and Inspection
Panel Discussion - Developing a Four-Year Plan 1 | 2 | 3

DAY TWO- March 9, 2022
Past, Present, and Future - The Changing Ingredients of Quality
Choosing the Right Specifications and Associated Testing Methods
Incorporating TXAPA Resources: Education, Training, and Certification (Live demonstration; no presentation available.)
Finish the Mission - The Project Isn't Complete Until You've Done This!
Continuing Education - Engineering Ethics (1 CE Credit)

Track 1: Design and Planning

DAY ONE - March 8, 2022
The Importance of a Stable Foundation for Optimum Pavement Performance
Panel Discussion - The Value of a Properly Engineered Pavement Design 1 | 2
HMA Mix Types and Proper Uses: Right Material, Right Place, Right Time
Holding It All Together -  Asphalt Binders from PG to Emulsions
Understanding Bonding for Stronger, Longer-Lasting Asphalt Pavements

DAY TWO- March 9, 2022
Panel Discussion - Determine the Root Cause and Address Premature Pavement Failures
Sustainability and Resilience
Accelerated Construction/Maintenance Rehabilitation

Track 2: Materials, Construction, and Maintenance

DAY ONE - March 8, 2022
Panel Discussion - Flexible Pavement Inspection 101
Why Quality Control/Quality Assurance Matters
Panel Discussion - Make Your Pre-Construction Meetings Count
Quality Begins at the Pre-Paving Meeting
What if We Do Our Own Paving?

DAY TWO- March 9, 2022
Checking the Boxes for Performance: Temperature, Joints, Texture, and Ride
The Importance of Achieving Density
Preventive Maintenance and Maintenance Strategies

Track 3: Technology Showcase

DAY ONE - March 8, 2022
Coating and Compaction Aids and Less Tracking Tack
Rubber in the Road
Green Infrastructure Asset Technologies Accomplishing More for Less $$$
Types of Lime Delivery Explained
Lime, the Versatile Chemical
Mixes Made for Texas - Customized to Tackle Any Conditions
Why Measure the In-Place Density of Your Asphalt?
The Most Cost-Effective Maintenance Treatment:  Composite Crack Sealant

DAY TWO- March 9, 2022
Aramid Polymer Fiber Modified Mix, a Tool for Sustainable BMD Pavements: Research, Case Studies, and Market Opportunities
Pavement Preservation Strategies - An Introduction to Mastic Surface Treatments
Crack Sealing: The Key to Pavement Preservation
PMA Applications for City Streets and County Roads

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