Liquid Asphalt Suppliers

Major Associate Membership

Major Associate Members are firms or corporations engaged and experienced in the manufacture, production, or sale of liquid asphalt binder. Benefits include:

  • A unified voice for the industry to provide TxDOT with feedback regarding specifications and testing procedures
  • Technical assistance in all phases of asphalt pavement design, construction, and maintenance, including troubleshooting after project completion
  • Expert consulting in the areas of laboratory and field testing, materials selection, structural thickness design, and mixture design
  • Opportunities to be well-informed including technical seminars and webinars; meetings and events; weekly, monthly, and quarterly communications; and a website, 

Upon approval for membership, applicants pay an initial fee of $1,250 (equivalent to the first quarter dues). Each major associate member pays either a quarterly or annual tonnage fee on all liquid asphalt sold for hot mix binder applications in Texas, at a flat rate of $0.12 per ton during each calendar year. When the tonnage reaches a total of 100,000 tons, no further dues shall be charged during that year.

Major Membership Annual Dues:

Minimum dues for liquid asphalt tonnage/year: $5,000
Maximum dues for liquid asphalt tonnage/year: $12,000

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