Letter from AG Paxton

The following text was taken in its entirety from the website of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Please visit texasattorneygeneral.gov to read the full statement and to access the supporting documents. Please refer to the AG's letter for clarification about whether political subdivisions may restrict the activities of State contractors to provide governmental services.

AG Pax­ton: State Gov­ern­ment Offices and Agen­cies Should Remain Ful­ly Oper­a­tional Dur­ing COVID-19 Dis­as­ter Declaration

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton today issued a letter explaining that political subdivisions may not restrict the ability of State agencies, agents and contractors from providing governmental services, including travel to and from their places of employment. As declared in Executive Order GA-08, which holds the full force and effect of the law, “all critical infrastructure will remain operational, and government entities and businesses will continue providing essential services.”

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