General Information

Our Mission

Texas Asphalt Pavement Association is a full-service Association for the asphalt industry. It serves the needs of asphalt producers, contractors, liquid asphalt suppliers, and interested firms dedicated to improving and growing the asphalt industry. The Association is committed and dedicated to providing the services and information that keeps its member firms and the industry on the competitive edge.

Aims and Purposes

  • This Association shall be a non-profit organization, organized for the purpose of extending and promoting the use of hot mix asphalt pavement and improving its quality through study and research pertaining to the technique of all phases of manufacture or production and laying.
  • To unite in one state organization those persons, partnerships, firms or corporations who are engaged in the manufacture or production and laying of asphalt products.
  • To act as a central agency for the dissemination of information and knowledge relating to the composition and use of asphalt products.
  • To stimulate and encourage more extensive research relative to the manufacture and use of asphalt products.
  • To act and function as a promotional and educational Association on behalf of the asphalt pavement industry.
  • To stimulate and advance the general welfare of the asphalt pavement industry.
  • In general, to perform all lawful functions for the advancement and benefit of the asphalt pavement industry, including advocating responsible stewardship by members with respect to safety and the operating environment for the manufacture or production and placement of asphalt products.

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