Everyday Asphalt

Everyday Asphalt (formerly TXAPA Live) is a monthly online series inspired by TXAPA’s Engineer Asphalt Essentials Course with practical, lively discussions about asphalt pavement materials, design, construction, and maintenance. Join Jim Warren and an all-star lineup of outstanding industry professionals to dig deeper into the how-tos of building longer-lasting, more durable asphalt pavements and have a little fun in the process. PDHs are available for each session. Get in on the action every third Thursday at 3 PM CST.

Everyday Asphalt 2023 Schedule

January (Materials): Rock and Roll with TxDOT’s Aggregate Program (1PDH) Aggregate Engineering Tests and Recycled Materials. What Do the Tests Mean? Aggregate Grades, Products, Types, BRSQC.

February (Pavement Design): Designing for Heavy Duty Pavements and IRI. 

March (Construction): Warm Mix Asphalt, Compaction Aids, Sustainability.

April (Maintenance): What Keeps TxDOT’s James Stevenson Up at Night? 

May (Materials): Proper Selection of PG Binders, Optimizing Recycled Binders, Black Rocks, and Mix Economics. 

June (Pavement Design): Longer Life Pavement Design With Perpetual Pavements and PaveExpress, Designing Smooth Pavements. 

July (Construction): How To Achieve Award-Winning Pavement Status, the 80/20 Rule, Fundamentals for Building Better Texture and Ride. 

August (Maintenance): Prepping for Success and Improving Performance With RAP and Proper Alternatives. 

September (Materials): What Will BMD Do for Me? Fundamentals of Asphalt Mix Performance Tests. 

October (Pavement Design): Pavement Design for Everyone (PaveExpress) for High, Medium, and Low Volume Traffic. 

November (Construction): Staying Hot With Cool Weather Paving, Fundamentals of Managing Thermal Heat Loss in Production and Paving. 

December (Maintenance): Basics of Protecting Asphalt Pavements During a Winter Freeze, Snow, and Extreme Temperatures. 

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