Dense Graded Mix


Dense graded mixtures in the QC/QA specification can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from new construction to overlays. Dense graded mixtures may be appropriate for applications ranging from high volume (or high demand) roadways to low volume (or low demand) roadways depending on the specified binder grade, aggregate properties, etc. Dense graded mixtures can be used as base, intermediate or surface layers. 


  • The primary advantage of dense graded mixtures compared to other mixtures is lower initial cost. 
  • Another advantage is most contractors and HMA producers are generally familiar with the production and placement of dense graded mixtures. 
  • The mixtures listed in the QC/QA specification are identical to those listed in the method specification. In contrast to the method specification, the QC/QA specification prescribes numerous QC/QA measures to be taken by both the contractor and the Department.

Additional Information 

Dense graded mixtures have been used in Texas for over 50 years. They are usually designed with a Texas gyratory compactor which creates dry mixes. The majority of the QC/QA measures are the responsibility of the contractor.

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