TxDOT QA Program Requirements

MTD is providing the following guidelines to address the QAP and support the needs for Construction and Materials testing during COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Currently if your certification expired or will expire between 03/16/2020 and 07/01/2020 then your certification will be extended through 10/01/2020.
  • Laboratory equipment expiring that is handled by MTD can continue to be utilized during this period of time. Verification or standardization checks, where applicable, should be used. If you have an urgent or immediate need for a specific piece of equipment to be verified or calibrated by MTD, please contact the MTD Calibration Lab at MTD_Calibration@txdot.gov.
  • Labs currently approved for an MPL or accredited as a District, CE&I, OV, IQF or IA laboratory will remain in this status.
MTD staff will continue to monitor the situation and how it impacts our programs and will contact you regarding further changes. Please distribute this information as needed. Districts should notify their commercial labs, CE&I firms and contractors (DB and DBB).  
If you have further questions, please reach out to Thomas.smith2@txdot.gov

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