If you are interested in participating in a committee, please contact Lauren Selvik, Administrator.​

Aggregate Soils and Base Committee

  • Evaluates aggregate, soils and base materials
  • Develops and coordinates presentations on aggregate, soils and base
  • Assists in re-writes, test procedure, and specification changes
  • Meets at the call of the chairman

Associate Member Advisory Committee

  • Coordinates Annual Meeting Golf Tournament
  • Coordinates Associate Member Forum during Annual Meeting
  • Coordinates work programs for the Associate Members
  • Supports programs and activities of the Association
  • Meets at the call of the chairman

Environmental, Health and Safety Committee

  • Updates members on environmental issues
  • Investigates and reports on regulations and rulings affecting the industry
  • Meets at the call of the chairman

Finance Committee

  • Meets once a month to review and monitor the Association’s finances
  • Reviews all financial statements, investment accounts, and past due accounts
  • Oversees an outside audit of the Association’s finances annually
  • Committee members are the current Past President, President, and President-Elect

Level 2 Mix Design Committee

  • Helps with the evaluation of problematic mix designs across the state
  • Attends quarterly meetings in person or via phone conference
  • Assists in the development of mix design technical session topics
  • Helps coordinate, develop, and present a Level 2 mix design seminar annually
  • Evaluates the Level 2 training class and help make any adjustments to the specifications
  • Assists in the re-writing of test procedures
  • Superpave mix updates

Major Associate Member Advisory Committee

  • Discusses activities, specifications, and marketing programs related to liquid asphalt producers and marketers
  • Meets at call of the chairman

Marketing and Membership Services Committee

  • Coordinates the Texas Asphalt Pavement Alliance marketing program
  • Coordinates and develops the topics covered in our educational seminars
  • Develops additional marketing tools to use with our customers
  • Oversees Texas Asphalt Magazine
  • Promotes the Texas Asphalt Pavement User Guide
  • Oversees trade show booth activity
  • Develops new member recruiting materials

Nominating Committee

  • Meets at the call of the President to select nominees for the board of directors
  • Comprised of the current Past President, President, and President-Elect

President’s Advisory Committee

  • Meets at the call of the President on issues of major importance
  • Participates in the Strategic Planning Session
  • Committee members limited to Past Presidents of the Association

Professional Engineering Services Committee

  • Reviews existing TxDOT test procedures
  • Makes recommendations for changes to existing test procedures
  • Meets quarterly or as needed with TxDOT to discuss procedure changes
  • Meets at the call of the chairman  

Quality Paving and New Technology Committee

  • Stays abreast of the latest quality paving practices and technology
  • Develops and coordinates New Technology Workshops
  • Oversees the Non-TxDOT Awards Program
  • Meets at the call of the chairman

Seal Coat Steering Committee

  • Coordinates the activities of the Association’s Seal Coat members
  • Holds seminars, reviews, and comments on seal coat specifications
  • Meets at the call of the chairman

Specification and Test Procedure Committee

  • Reviews and comments on various specifications related to HMA
  • Meets every other month to review TxDOT specification updates
  • Submits comments on specifications to TxDOT
  • Meets at the call of the chairman

Training and Education Committee

  • Works with the Associate Members providing tools, expertise, and knowledge in the development and delivery of training modules to be housed on the TXAPA website
  • Maintains an online training center for TXAPA members

TXAPA Scholarship Auction Committee

  • Plans the TXAPA Scholarship Program Live and Silent Auction
  • Coordinates with donors for auction items; purchases auction items on behalf of cash donors
  • Markets and publicizes the Auction and the Scholarship
  • Investigates and implements auction technology
  • Meets at the call of the chairman

TXAPA/TxDOT Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards Committee

  • Coordinates the joint TxDOT/TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards Program
  • Holds award presentations for award winners in their area
  • Co-chaired by a TXAPA member and a TxDOT official
  • Meets at least four times annually

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