UPDATE to Change Memo (de-34-19), SS 3076 - "Dense Grade Hot Mix" (Spec Committee No: 3XXX-20192-18)

Attached for your information is a copy of the above-mentioned change memorandum and special specification that have been posted to the web. Due to time constraints for projects letting in January 2020, the effective date for this special specification has been changed. This special specification has been approved for statewide use and is required for all projects using dense grade hot mix beginning with the February 2020 letting. However, use of this special specification prior to the February 2020 letting is at the district's option.

This special specification will replace Item 341 in the 2014 Standard Specifications. A summary sheet has been provided with the changes to the current Item 341 specification. A copy of the specification with tracked changes has also been provided.

Due to the number of changes, a video explaining the changes is available below. We recommend reviewing the video with a copy of the changes in front of you.

Watch the Video

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