Maintaining Safety and Visibility on the Roadway

When working around equipment, it is vital that you keep eye contact with the operator of the piece of equipment (wave your hand and get their attention).

  1. Remember each piece of equipment has a blind spot forward, aft, and on both sides and each may be different.
  2. Just because you can see the equipment doesn't mean the equipment operator can see you.
  3. Don't stand:
  • Near the milling machine
  • Between two trucks
  • Between the truck and the MTV or paver
  • Between the paver and roller
  • Around or between rollers
  1. Be careful bending over on the roadway to measure, test, or mark the pavement - your profile becomes even harder to see from an operator's seat.
  2. Always leave yourself an out when working around equipment and live traffic.
  3. Most importantly, always wear the PPE your company requires.



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