The Importance of Knowing Loader and Truck Capacities

When working with loaders and dump trucks, you should always understand the characteristics of the materials you are working with and how much weight the equipment can handle. Not every dump truck can support the same amount of weight, and even though it might look big, you should always avoid overfilling or filling a dump truck to the top. Likewise, loader operators should know how much material each loader bucket can hold. This information will help ensure the safety of drivers and operators as well as others when transporting materials.

  • Plant personnel should know the legal limit of material each truck can haul and should always load them accordingly.
  • Before loading millings, you should know the capacity of the truck.
  • &‹Never overload a truck.
Every material is different. It is the responsibility of the truck driver to check the contents of his or her truck to make sure that it is properly loaded. When you pick up a load at the plant, it is easy to know the exact amount of material in that load; that changes in the field. While Independent truck drivers accept responsibility for their shipments; in the event of an accident, police officers will ask the driver who initially loaded the truck. Always make sure trucks and loaders aren't overcapacities, and if you ever have questions, be sure to ask the supervisor on the job. Finally, always remember to wear a seat belt when operating heavy equipment or any vehicle. A seat belt could be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. 




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