Summer is Coming: How Can You Beat the Heat?

As the summer heat rolls in, one of the biggest parts about ensuring that you stay hydrated and feel good throughout the workday is what you do the night before. Another factor is what you do in the morning before you come to work. Most people like to drink their coffee in the mornings without having any breakfast, but before you know it you'll be out in the heat and your body won't be ready for it. Unfortunately, the Texas heat can't be controlled, but we can do our part to make sure that it doesn't affect us nearly as much.

Causes of Heat Illness:

  • Your weight can play a role in how your body reacts to the heat. The more you weigh, the more water you'll need to drink in order to stay hydrated. Medications can affect the body's ability to regulate its own temperature.
  • Caffeine and alcohol decrease hydration in hot environments.
  • Age is another huge factor that can cause the body to overheat quickly.
  • The type of material your clothes are made out of can increase heat absorption. Wool, thick cotton, sweaters, etc. can cause you to overheat quickly. Just because you cover your skin doesn't mean that you are keeping your body cooler.

Ways to Beat the Heat:

  • A good healthy diet will allow the body to react to the heat much better and can be the difference between staying cool or overheating.
  • It is important that after work and before starting work you drink plenty of water and hydrating fluids because the task of staying hydrated doesn't just need to happen on the job site.
  • Always think about what your body needs for the next day in order to be productive and stay healthy.
  • Think about what time of day is best suited for strenuous activities and schedule work around the hottest parts of the day. When temperatures are between 90 and 100 degrees F, fluids should be mandatory every 30 minutes and rest should be self-paced.
  • Provide shade for employees to cool down throughout the workday.



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