8 Essential Car Maintenance Tips

•Make sure you check your tire pressures once a month and adjust to the recommended pressures for your car (usually found on the driver's side door)
•Check the tread depth of your tires using a tread depth tool or take it to your local garage and let them examine them. New tires start at roughly 8mm of tread and the legal limit is usually 1.6mm depending on where you live. It's usually best to change them when they dip below 3mm.
•Rotate your tires – this is a money saving tip – if your car is front wheel drive, you can swap your two front tires with the back ones and extend the life of the tires by a dew months as the back ones will be less worn.
•Top off your windshield wiper fluid every few months or when needed.
•Keep an eye on your fluid levels every so often, this includes coolant, transmission, power steering, brakes and more, again if you are not confident, take your car to a local professional for a check up.
•Check your car wiper and replace them immediately if they aren't fully clearing water from your windshield.
•Check your brakes regularly, do you feel like they are braking as effectively as they should?
Keep a form of de-icer in the car at all times, you never know how weather conditions can change.



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