Accident Witness 101

If you have ever witnessed a motor vehicle accident, you know how traumatic and complicated the first moments after a crash can be. But do you know the best, safest plan of action? Below are a few safety tips for how to best respond upon witnessing a traffic collision:
1. Make sure you are safe. Before assisting with the accident, do everything you can to avoid another crash. Immediately turn on your hazards. Using caution, pull at least 100 feet away from the accident and stay away from leaked fuel, broken glass, flames, and any loose debris. Texas law does not require witnesses to stop at the scene of a crash, but your assistance could be vital to any victims.

2. Call 911. Never assume someone else will call 911. Regardless of whether or not you stop to render aid, call 911 to report the collision with any of the following details:
location of the accident with cross streets
mile marker numbers
visible businesses
number of vehicles involved
severity of the crash

The more information you can provide to the 911 dispatch operator, the better prepared emergency services will be upon arrival.

3. Assist the victims. Exercise caution when approaching the vehicles involved. Check on the condition of all crash victims and offer help if you are able. Unless there is a potentially life-threatening situation, NEVER move an injured person. You could make the injury worse.
Help end the streak of fatalities on Texas highways by being an alert driver and always keeping safety top-of-mind.



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