10 Tips for Taking Action Against Distracted Driving

•Taking all of the research on distracted driving into account, the experts from the Craig Hospital in Denver's Driving and Adaptive Transportation program have provided 10 tips to help you take action against distracted driving.

1. Pay attention.

2. Avoid distractions like texting, talking on the phone, or playing games while driving.

3. Put your phone away when driving.

4. Pull over and park in a safe location if a call or text is absolutely necessary.

5. Change your voicemail greeting to inform callers you are on the road and will return their call when you can do so safely. Install an app that blocks text messages, phone calls and other alerts when driving, turn on “do not disturb”or airplane mode.

6. Discourage others from calling or texting you while you're driving.

7. Have passengers manage your phone for you.

8. Prepare before you drive. Review maps, adjust your radio, eat, and make any phone calls needed before you drive.

9. Request phone-free driving when you are a passenger.

10. Model safe driving behavior.



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