10 Tips for Sharing the Road with Trucks

1. Avoid Blind Spots. Make sure the driver can see you in their mirrors. Remember that passenger vehicles are 2.7x more likely to rear-end large trucks than vice versa, most likely due to poor visibility.

2. Pass trucks with caution. Pass on the left side for maximum
visibility, and maintain a consistent speed.

3. Don't linger near the truck. Give trucks plenty of space to avoid these dangerous scenarios: tire blowout, high wind, and the truck brakes suddenly.

4. Don't cut trucks off. Be sure to leave plenty of buffer room when you pull in front of a truck. Large trucks can't stop as quickly as cars.

5. Allow space between the trailer and curb. You may see truck drivers move away from the curb when preparing to turn tight.

6. Practice patience. Try to avoid making erratic moves if the truck isn't going as fast as you.

7. Lower your
brights. Bright headlights reflecting off the large side mirrors can blind the truck drivers.

8. Signal sooner. Trucks require more time and distance to slow down and stop.

9. Merge with care. Avoid merging in front of a truck when traffic ahead may stop or slow. If a truck passes you, decelerate slightly to minimize passing time.

10. Pay attention. Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers.



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