Six Fire Safety Tips

1. Install and Test Smoke Detectors Regularly Install a smoke alarm on every level of the home and outside sleeping areas. Smoke alarms should be tested every month, and batteries changed annually. 

2. Develop a Fire Escape Plan: Designate a safe, accessible meeting spot outside, away from your home. A fire escape plan should be devised and practiced at least twice a year.

3. Stop, Drop and Roll: Stop, drop to the ground, and roll if your clothes are on fire. Families should know this technique and it should be practiced with children.

4. Assemble an Emergency Supply Kit: Make an emergency supply kit and include things like a flashlight, batteries a whistle, blankets, and water. An extra supply kit should be kept in your car in case you are unable to immediately return inside.

5.Gather Emergency Contact Information: Maintain a list of emergency contact numbers in cell phones and keep it in the supply kit.

6.Store Important Documents in a Safe Place: Find a place to store important documents like birth certificates and financial information. You should even consider making copies of these documents and storing them in a secure, off-site location.



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