Six Tips to Driving Safely in the Rain

As a driver, you must be sensitive to weather conditions. It's that simple. When confronted with adverse weather and your trip is not absolutely necessary, the safest choice you can make may be to cancel or delay your trip until conditions improve. When you must drive in less than ideal weather conditions, there are a number of appropriate actions you should know how to execute. After all, the goal is to safely arrive at your destination. 
Heavy rain is one of the most common adverse weather conditions that drivers face. From torrential downpours that result in flooded streets or heavy rain that blocks visibility, here are a few safety tips for driving in the rain. 

How to Drive Safely in the rain:
Turn on your low beams and windshield wipers
Increase your following distance
Reduce your speed
Brake smoothly
Avoid Standing Water
Exercise extra caution at intersections



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