Simple Safety Guidelines for Golfers

Golf is a very safe sport - as long as a few basic, common-sense rules of safety are followed. When those rules are ignored, injuries can occur.

Golf involves the swinging of metal clubs, which propel golf balls at high speeds. If you're in the way of either the clubs or the balls, you're in danger. You could be placing yourself in danger, too, if you do not respect the power of the sun, the danger of lightning, or your body's need for the right kind of fluids on warm days.

Here are some guidelines that can help ensure your safety, and that of those around you on the golf course:

1. Keep Track of Those Around you
2. Heads up
3. Yell Fore, or Cover Up when You Hear It
4. Never Hit into the Group Ahead of Yours
5. Drive Safely
6. Protect Yourself from the Sun
7. Add Fluids…. the Right Kind of Fluids
8. Beware of Lightning



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