November 7, 2021, marked 21 years since the last day without a traffic fatality in Texas. On average, more than 11 people have died each day in traffic-related accidents on Texas roadways in 2021. TxDOT officials are concerned about the increasing number of fatalities, which is higher than it's been in decades. A KSAT San Antonio reporter spoke to TxDOT Traffic Safety Divisition Director Michael Chacon about the alarming trend:
As of Nov. 4, [2021], there have been an estimated 3,556 traffic fatalities in the state, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. That's after 3,892 in 2020, the highest number since 1984.

“We're looking at possibly ...  4,200 fatalities by the end of this year,” said Michael Chacon, director of TxDOT's Traffic Safety Division. “We just cannot let that happen ... it's a shared responsibility. We're doing everything we can from our department. We know our law enforcement is helping us. We know our media partners have been helping get the word out. But it's a shared responsibility with the drivers as well.
Of the 3,556 fatalities statewide thus far in 2021:
  • 1,174 people were killed due to speeding alone
  • 315 people were killed due to distracted driving
  • 555 pedestrians were killed in fatal traffic accidents
  • 889 people were killed due to not being buckled up
Each year, Texas loses the equivalent of 10 jumbo jets full of people on its roadways. This is a crisis. Most crashes and fatalities are preventable — it's on us to help end the streak.



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