Best Practices: 10 Safety Tips

Ten safety tips for a safe and successful job site!
  1. OBSERVE When approaching a job site observe traffic flow and road surface conditions. 
  2. ASK Ask where to safely enter and exit the job site and where to park your vehicle safely. 
  3. UNDERSTAND Understand and obey work zone signage. 
  4. BE VISIBLE Be visible to equipment operators at all times. 
  5. SAFETY EQUIPMENT Wear proper safety equipment.  
  6. CLEAN WORK ENVIRONMENT Pay attention to and help maintain a clean work area.
  7. JOB SITE HAZARDS Recognize basic job site hazards such as tripping hazards, moving equipment, and dust. 
  8. ELEMENTS Be prepared for environmental conditions such as heat, rain, and cold.
  9. BE ALERT Be alert to backup alarms as they can become masked by other hob site noise, be alert to your surroundings. 
  10. YOU SEE IT, YOU OWN IT! Let site supervisors know of any unsafe situations.



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