Protecting Your Hands

We use our hands all day, every day! The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that hand injuries are the second most common injury in construction (only back injuries are more frequent). Follow these tips to keep your hands safe, strong, and healthy:

• Wear suitable gloves for the job you are performing.
• If you are unsure whether the PPE you have will protect your hands against the tools or chemicals you are using, stop immediately and ask for proper gloves.
• Remember there is not a single glove that will protect from all hazards.
• Make sure your gloves are in good condition and fit each hand before using them.
• Avoid using your hands to feed materials into machines.
• Never use your bare hands to gather or sweep sharp objects or materials.
• Be mindful of where both hands are while working.
• Identify safety features on tools and equipment before you use them, such as emergency off switches.
• Do not wear rings, other jewelry or loose articles of clothing that could get caught on a moving object.
• Take breaks to stretch and massage your hands and fingers once an hour especially when typing for long periods of time or using your hands to perform strenuous work.
• Each time you wash our hands, you strip away the protective lipid barrier from your skin, making it susceptible to irritation, dryness, and even painful cracking. Take care of your hands, skin, and nails by applying lotion regularly.



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