15 Motorcyclist Safety Tips

1. Take a motorcycle safety course. 
2. Inspect your bike before getting on the road.  
3. Wear proper protective gear - especially a helmet. 
4. Be highly visible.  
5. NEVER drink and ride. 
6. Stay alert by keeping your eyes on the road and surrounding areas for potential hazards. 
7. Allow yourself plenty of distance for following and braking. 
8. Be a defensive rider. 
9. Use your turn signals. 
10. Change lanes properly and do not weave in and out of traffic. 
11. Avoid riding in other drivers' blind spots. 
12. Obey all traffic laws and lights. 
13. Use extra caution when making turns – especially left turns! 
14. Do not ride a bike that is more than you can handle. 
15. Avoid riding in poor weather conditions. 



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