Trailer Safety

With temperatures rising, many of us are hooking up our boats and RVs to go have some fun in the sun. Review these trailer safety tips before hitting the road with your recreational toys to ensure the safest trip for yourself and all other drivers:

Hitch your trailer properly.
• Check every part of your hitch system to ensure it is in good condition.
• Make sure the ball you are towing is the proper ball and that it is rated for the proper weight.
• Make sure safety chains are properly crisscrossed and connected, not touching the road but with enough slack to make turns.
• Correctly hook up the breakaway switch to your truck.
• Connect pin connectors for lighting and/or brakes.

Pack your trailer properly.
• Stay within the trailer's maximum load capacity.
• About 60% of the trailer's load should be placed over the front half of the trailer.
• Ensure all cargo is well secured so that it will not shift on the road.

Perform a final check.
• Ensure all lights (braking, turn signals, and hazards) are working on your vehicle and trailer.
• Check the tread and pressure of each tire.
• Adjust mirrors.

Drive Safe.
• Check your route before getting on the road.
• Slow down.
• Allow for greater stopping distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
• Give yourself plenty of room when making turns.
• Respond to trailer sway correctly by steering straight, reducing speed, and applying trailer brakes.



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