Driving in Fog

One weather condition many drivers underestimate the dangers of driving in fog. Fog does not affect roadways or vehicle handling, but it can significantly decrease visibility in a very short amount of time. Fog-related accidents are extremely dangerous because they can lead to multiple-car pileups, chain-reaction crashes, life-threatening injuries, and delayed response times. Follow these tips for driving in foggy conditions:
  • Leave plenty of distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you
  • Use your low beam lights and fog lights if available
  • Maintain a reduced speed and gently apply brakes when needed
  • Follow the lines of the road with your eyes. Driving on the far-right side of the road is recommended
  • In extreme cases when visibility is zero, turn on your hazards and pull off to a safe place until fog recedes
  • Do not drive in rural areas when experiencing dense fog.

Do your part to help End the Streak of fatalities on Texas roadways by practicing safe driving in every weather condition.



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