Best Practices for Paver Operators

Follow these paver operator best practices for safety and success on the job site!

  1. Select a paving speed that balances delivery, capacity, compaction process, and pave with as few stops as possible
  2. Work with screed operator in establishing and maintaining the head of material within a plus or minus inch tolerance
  3. Steer the paver holding to a pre-determined reference
  4. Direct the truck drivers to raise beds and exit when empty
  5. If stopping is necessary, utilize rapid but smooth starts and stops to help prevent end-of-load roughness 
  6. Be observant. Pay attention to and help maintain a clean work area.
  7. Monitor the paver for unusual noise or vibrations.
  8. Work with the dump person to make sure the trucks do not bump the paver or let the hopper run low. 
  9. Work as a team member!



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