Driving in Work Zones

Since 1992, transportation accidents have been the leading cause of on-the-job deaths in the United States, according to the American Society of Safety Engineers – and Texas is at the top of the list. The Work Zone Safety Organization reports there are an average of 166 work zone fatalities in Texas per year. When compared to a list of states with the highest averages of work zone fatalies per year, Texas' average is significantly higher:

• Florida (79)
• California (64)
• Georgia (53)
• Illinois (29)
• Indiana (23)
• Alabama (21)
• Pennsylvania (20)
• Michigan (20)
• Arkansas (16)

Follow these tips to keep yourself, construction workers, and others safe in work zones:

• Slow down and stay alert
• Minimize distractions
• Merge as early as possible
• Do not tailgate
• Keep an eye out for active workers and construction equipment
• Expect the unexpected such as detours and lane diversions
• Use extreme caution when driving through a work zone at night
• Carefully negotiate lane changes
• Expect delays and plan ahead
• Wait until you are out of the work zone to resume normal speed
• Follow directions on all work zone signage

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the top two leading causes of work zone accidents are speeding and distracted driving. Do your part to help end the streak of Texas roadway fatalities by following these tips for driving in work zones.



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