Best Practices for Minimizing Segregation

Covers aggregate stockpiles, loading the surge silo, loading the trucks, dumping the trucks, and laydown operations.

Aggregate Stockpiles

  • build in layers
  • separate to prevent intermingling
  • avoid aggregates to be pushed over the stockpile side
  • loader operator works full face of the stockpile
  • install dividers on the cold feed bins
  • do not pile the aggregate so high it flows over the dividers

Loading the Surge Silo

  • adjust the conveying devices to deposit the material in the center of the batcher or gob hopper
  • keep the gates on the batcher or gob hopper closed unless dropping a load of mix
  • close the gate on the batcher or gob hopper before it is empty to prevent the material from dribbling into the silo

Loading the Trucks

  • take care to center the trucks when loading
  • load trucks in multiple drops with the first at the rear, second at the front, and then alternate dumps
  • if the mix is prone to segregation, avoid loading the trucks by slowly driving forward while dropping the mix from the silo

Dumping the Trucks

  • when using end dumps, the box should be raised until the mix moves to the rear of the bead charging the tail gate prior to releasing the load
  • if any mix is spilled on the roadway, in front of the paver, the spill should be removed from the roadway

Laydown Operations

  • only dump the wings on the paver hopper at the end of the paving day
  • provide consistent flow of the material to the screed and avoid gradual deceleration / acceleration; the paver should start and stop as quickly as possible at normal operating speed
  • keep hopper more than half full at all times maintaining the height within 1" auger height should be adjusted so the bottom of the auger is at least 2" above the finished surface
  • adjust the feed sensors to keep material near the center of the auger at all times
  • correctly adjust the lead and tail crown screed so that the surface of the HMA behind the paver is uniform in appearance and texture
  • material management kits are installed and are properly functioning
  • adjust the flow control so that the slat conveyors run continuously and the amount of the material being presented to the augers allows for them to run almost continually (80% of the time)



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