TXAPA 2020 Fall Focus: Focused on Fun

TXAPA 2020 Fall Focus: Focused on Fun featuring TxDOT's Buddy Williams and Michael Lee; Nathali Parker, KLP Construction Supply; Joey Farrell, Jobsite Technologies; Guy Boborra, Ingevity; Larry Peirce, Lhoist North America; Former TXAPA Presidents Gene Carrier, East Texas Asphalt Co., Ltd.; Albert Schlather, Hunter Industries, Ltd.; and Rick Schleider, Wright Asphalt as our celebrity squares!

PaveTex's Dale Rand and CRH's Robert Lee square off during TXAPA Squares, a takeoff of the game show Hollywood Squares, featuring fun celebrity squares and plenty of laughs. TXAPA Squares benefits the TXAPA Scholarship Program, a 501 (C) (3) Public Charity.



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