TXAPA 2020 Fall Focus: Focused on Service

TXAPA 2020 Fall Focus: Focused on Service with Geno Carrier, General Manager, East Texas Asphalt Co., Ltd. and TXAPA Executive Vice President Harold Mullen.
Join TXAPA President Geno Carrier to learn how the asphalt pavement industry has been able to thrive despite the challenges of working in a whole new world. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Texas Governor Abbott deemed construction an essential public service. With the state of Texas dormant due to shelter in place orders, TXAPA members saw a dramatic increase in projects, challenging them to adapt operationally on all fronts: employee health and safety, supply chain management, and scheduling.
Carrier also details how TXAPA's push to fulfill it's mission during turbulent times resulted in several NEW services that are here to stay, including the Specification Education program, HMAC Now, TXAPA Live, and the All-Hands communication tool.
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