For the Good of the Project

DURING CONSTRUCTION, PUT THE PROJECT OVER PERSONALITIES FOR THE GOOD OF THE PROJECT. Approaching the project with a non-adversarial attitude and realizing we all share a common goal of project success is critical for completing a project on-time and on-budget. 

As the CEI on a project, the opportunity to ensure project success begins with proactive management of the project team, including coordination with the client and the contractor.  Every project has challenges, but with the right mindset and attitude, the project team can resolve the issues to keep the project moving forward. Important areas to focus on to ensure project success and building strong relationships include:
  • Maintaining honest and regular communication through weekly progress meetings
  • Working with the Contractor on the project site
  • Talking in person rather than email communication only
  • Being open-minded to Contractor input
Maintain working with a sense of urgency through completion of the project: 
  • At project kickoff, ensure everyone is on board and paying close attention 
  • Provide staff and support for field-level decisions 
  • Keep the momentum going by maintaining tracking logs for submittals, requests for information, and change orders
  • Review the tracking logs daily and communicate with the contractor to prioritize the responses needed to keep things moving 
  • Do not lose focus on the common goal – maintain open communication and keep everyone in the loop throughout the project
As issues arise, work with the team to find the root cause. Digging deeper into a situation can result in a quick resolution or a better way to perform the work. A best management practice is to look at the challenges from all angles to identify alternate opportunities to help the situation. If an issue is truly an impact to the project, escalate the issue and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the priority of the resolution.

When things go wrong, conduct an informal partnering meeting with the project team to re-build trust. Handling problems fairly and consistently maximizes quality and reduces construction-related disputes. 



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