See Something, Say Something: At the Office

Office safety comprises health of workers, safety of staff and guests, and overall security. If you see someone violating established safety protocols, something out of place, or identify a potential threat in the workplace, say something immediately (with the seriousness of the issue dictating the magnitude of the response). Stay alert to avoid safety hazards in these areas:
In the parking lot:
  • Make sure to park in well-lit areas
  • Don't leave appealing personal items in your vehicle and always lock your doors
  • Follow pavement markings and directional signs
  • Anticipate the actions of other drivers and pedestrians
  • Stay off your phone and avoid loud music or other distractions
  • Use your mirrors or backing cameras to avoid back-up accidents
In your office:
  • Report any issues with lights/locks
  • Minimize clutter on the floor to avoid trip hazards
  • Be cautious of spam emails, block, and report sender
  • Shut drawers/cabinets to avoid being struck or creating trip hazards
  • Position mouse, desk, and chair properly to avoid strain, pain, or discomfort
  • Use caution when stacking boxes to avoid lift injuries
  • Never stand on chair to reach something at an elevated height – always use a stepladder
In the boardroom, meeting room, or classroom:
  • Keep the office clean and walkways and fire exits clear
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Ensure proper cleanliness of office and meeting spaces
  • Electrical cords should not cross through high foot traffic areas
  • Know your office emergency procedures for a fire, storm, violent intruder, medical problem, etc.
  • Avoid large stacks of materials and equipment as they can cause injury if knocked over
  • Keep workspaces well-lit as inadequate lighting can conceal hazards
  • Report unsafe structural issues such as torn carpet, loose tiles, broken desks or chairs, etc.
In common areas:
  • Observe that everything is in its place and areas are staying clean
  • Make sure delivery packages are not left in open areas and proper distribution processes are followed
  • If you see someone standing around, ask if you can help them
  • Make sure all lighting, cooling, and heating is working properly
  • Pick up any trash laying around
  • Keep all sensitive office materials under lock and key



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