See Something, Say Something

“IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING,” is a phrase often associated with terrorism or national security, but it also has direct applications to our industry regarding the safety of workers. Making and constructing asphalt pavements exposes workers to a myriad of potential threats including plant and construction equipment as a well as the traveling public in a work zone. It's always important to know who is responsible for ensuring safety, but no matter who you are, if you see something that potentially puts yourself or others in danger, say something.

At the plant:
• Missing belts/guards
• Moving belts/conveyors
• Not wearing PPE
• Use of tie offs and safety belts
• Working around loaders and trucks
• Lockout/tag out
• Fall protection gear in a man lift
• Fire extinguisher out of date

On the road:
• Traffic backing up or problems with ingress and egress of trucks
• Walking between equipment
• Standing between equipment and live traffic
• MOT devices down/knocked over/broken
• Improper lifting of equipment in and out of vehicles
• Not wearing PPE
• Level 1B establishing rolling pattern
• Turning your back to traffic
• Drunk drivers

In the shop:
• Improper lifting straps or chains and rigging for lifts
• Not wearing PPE
• Protection against welding flash and grinding sparks
• Lockout/tag out
• All safety guards in place on grinders

In the lab:
• Not wearing PPE
• Hot pans and equipment
• Pinch points on compactors
• Proper use and disposal of chemicals



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