Lab Safety

The asphalt testing lab that is used for testing for compliance asphalt samples, mix design, and referee samples is a very important link in completing the process of quality asphalt pavements. We must adhere to complete safety to avoid injury in an asphalt plant lab testing center.

Lab Safety Best Practices

  • Beware of your surroundings, especially trip hazards.
  • If possible, make sure hot oven doors open away from you.
  • Understand pieces of equipment and the placement of pieces within the equipment
  • Properly label and store hot liquids.

How to Avoid Injuries in the Lab

Take caution with: Heavy pieces of equipment used in testing
To avoid: Drop hazards (toes, fingers)

Take caution with: Hot pieces of equipment and hot liquids
To avoid: Burns (hands, arms, face, any exposed skin)

Take caution with: Heavy samples
To avoid: Strain (back, joints, legs, feet)


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