Resolve Issues Early to Stay On-Time and On-Budget

Shared by: Catherine W. Hejl, P.E., Group Director CEI, Central Texas

Recently, my team was awarded a CEI contract for a TxDOT project where the contractor had never been the prime contractor for TxDOT. Since the project was on IH 35 in the San Antonio District, I was concerned.

Developing Solid Relationships

I approached the area engineer and asked if we could have a “Get to Know You Meeting,” where we could meet the contractor and talk about the project prior to the more formal setting of the pre-construction meeting. The area engineer fully supported the meeting, and not only did his office attend, but also representatives from the San Antonio District Office. We knew no one on the contractor's staff, so we all started out the meeting introducing ourselves, roles, and backgrounds. Then we went through every single item on the project discussing requirements, any proposed changes by the contractor, lead times, testing, submittals, etc. Since some of the items were used early on and had lead times, we wanted to convey the expectations for approvals before the job started. The project was bid as A+B, and we wanted the contractor to have no delays once time started. We coordinated separate meetings for the subcontract approval processes, LCPTracker, DMS, and the EPRS systems. These meetings established early relationships and expectations, and I think they played a large part in keeping the project on-time and on-budget. We continued this “Get to Know You Meeting” practice with our next two contractors and projects. The contractors have fully attended and engaged in these pre-meetings, knowing we can resolve issues early, and at the same time develop solid relationships.

These meetings established early relationships and expectations, and I think they played a large part in keeping the project on-time and on-budget.

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