Traffic Fatalities

November 7, 2000 was the last deathless day on roadways in Texas.

The safety of drivers on Texas roadways is TxDOT's top priority. The Highway Safety Plan for FY 2019 has identified various emphasis areas that significantly contribute to crash counts, including being run off the road, distracted driving, DUI, intersections, pedal cyclists, and pedestrian.

TxDOT's goal areas emphasize the need to reduce annual fatalities and serious injuries. As Texas' population increases, however, keeping incident rates low becomes an even more difficult task. Texas' population has grown at an average annual rate of 1.8% — the third highest growth rate in the country. Fortunately, traffic fatality and serious injury rates have not increased at the same rate. But we can do better.

Here are a few alarming Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts from the Texas Peace Officer's 2018 report:

• Total death toll: 3,639 persons
• One person was killed every 2 hours and 25 minutes
• One person was injured every 2 minutes and 7 seconds
• One reportable crash occurred every 58 seconds
• Sunday, November 11, 2018, was the deadliest day, with 25 persons killed in traffic crashes
• October was the deadliest month with 332 persons killed
• 43.06% of deaths were reported as not restrained when the fatal crash occurred
• Single vehicle run-off-the-road crashes resulted in 1,289 deaths (35.42% of all motor vehicle traffic deaths)
• 940 people were killed where a driver was under the influence of alcohol
• 398 people killed in crashes involving distracted driving (12% decrease from 2017)



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