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The Texas Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards

Every year, the Texas Asphalt Pavement Association recognizes quality-built hot mix asphalt pavements and honors excellence in production, placement, and quality assurance through its awards programs: the TxDOT-TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards and the TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards. The awards are traditionally presented during the TXAPA Annual Meeting in September at a special awards luncheon attended by the membership, TxDOT, and the men and women responsible for building the winning the projects. This year, however, TXAPA presented the awards in a virtual awards ceremony as part of the 2020 Fall Focus, a series of webinars held in place of the annual meeting. The association decided to cancel the 600-plus person event to mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19. Even in the best of times, it is no easy task for the committee chairs who manage these two programs, Glen Dvorak, Hunter Industries, Ltd. (TxDOT-TXAPA Awards) and Josh Houston, Primoris Heavy Civil (TXAPA Awards), to organize and carry out the process of evaluating the nominated projects, notifying the winners, and ensuring they receive the recognition they deserve. This year, however, Dvorak and Houston faced additional hurdles due to the unique circumstances that come with a global pandemic. Despite travel restrictions, the all-volunteer group of evaluators were able to visit every nominated project across the vast state of Texas, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles in a day to ride on, photograph, and document the best of the best in asphalt paving from 2019. TXAPA owes a deep debt of gratitude to both committee chairs, our TxDOT partners in quality, and our evaluators who give of their time and resources to make these awards programs possible.

TxDOT-TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards Program

The TxDOT-TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards Program is a joint effort of the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Asphalt pavement Association. The program grants awards in two divisions, Dense Grade and Specialty Mix. Within the two division there are six categories: full depth large, medium, and small, and overlay large medium and small. For each award-winning project, the contractor and the TxDOT district, as well as the companies responsible for production and placement receive individual recognition. An awards committee consisting of both TxDOT and TXAPA members is responsible for evaluating each nominated project and selecting the winners. The committee is co-chaired by David Stephens, TxDOT Yoakum District, and Glen Dvorak of Hunter Industries, Ltd. Committee members include Ben Engelhardt and Chris Cowen, both of TxDOT, Eric Suarez, Primoris Heavy Civil; Wayne Ramert, Atkins Global; Albert Schlather, Hunter Industries, Ltd.; John Crowdy, Vulcan Materials Company; TXAPA Executive Vice President Harold Mullen, and consultant Chuck Fuller, also with TXAPA. This year’s TxDOT-TXAPA Awards Program evaluators are Albert Schlather, Barry Clark, Ben Carroll, Brad Martin*, Chuck Fuller, Ciro Baeza*, Dale Rand*, Darren Poe*, Daryl Zumwalt, David Morton, Don Nyland*, Eddie Updike, Eric Johnson, Eric Suarez, Geno Carrier IV, Harry Bush, Jason Exum, Jerry Lee, Joe Gaytan*, John Jasek*, Johnny Naylor, Kal Kincaid, Lance Phillips, Mark Miller, Mike Bostic*, Mike Pruitt, Paul Hoelscher*, Ray McPherson, Robbie Roberts, Robert Lee*, Tom Hunter*, Larry Welch*, and Wayne Ramert*. *Retired TxDOT

2020 TxDOT-TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Award Winners 

TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards Program

The TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards Program recognizes the best-built roadways completed in 2019 and managed by municipalities and private owners. The awards program consists of six categories—large airport (any project over 15,000 tons), small airport (any project under 15,000 tons), city streets, county roads, parking lots, and specialty projects. It is overseen by the Quality Paving and New Technology Committee led by chair Josh Houston of Primoris Heavy Civil. Committee members include Guy Bobbora, Ingevity; Bryan Clark, Century Asphalt; Gary Fitts, Kraton Polymers; Alex Flores, Austin Materials; Tejash Gandhi, KAO; Stacy Hilbrich, Angel Brothers/Century Asphalt; Johnathan Kilgore, Austin Materials; Robert Lee, CRH Americas Materials, Inc.; Brian Newman, Gulf Coast – a CRH Company; Ryan Pryor, KLP Construction Supply; Billy Ruff, Clark Construction of Texas; Albert Schlather, Hunter Industries, Ltd.; TXAPA Executive Vice President Harold Mullen, and consultants Chuck Fuller and Larry Welch, also with TXAPA. Evaluators for the 2020 awards included Albert Schlather, Alex Flores, Brian Newman, Bryan Clark, Chuck Fuller, D.J. Meek, Guy Bobbora, Jennifer Blaylock, Johnathan Killgore, Josh Houston, Larry Welch, Nathali Parker, Robert Lee, Ryan Pryor, and Stacy Hilbrich.

2020 TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Award Winners

Quality Control/Quality Assurance Technician Awards Program

The Quality Control/Quality Assurance Technician Awards is a joint effort of the Texas Department of Transportation and the HMAC Training & Certification facility. The program honors technicians from any level of hot mix certification (1A, 1B, and Level 2) and technicians from any level of soils and flexible bases certification (101, 102, 103, 201, and 202) who consistently excellence achieve excellence in performing their assigned duties. The HMAC Steering Committee selects the winner from nominations submitted by both TXAPA members and TxDOT districts. Committee members include Tommy Smith, Miles Garrison, Ryan Barborak, Richard Izzo and Cathey Galbreath, all with TxDOT, and from industry, Corey Schwarz (HMAC), Mike Brown (Texas Materials Group), Harry Bush (Vulcan Materials), Jerry Lee (Zack Burkett Company), and Brad Bradford (R.K. Hall Construction).

2020 Quality Control/Quality Assurance Technician Award Winners

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