Step Two: Production and Discussion Points


  1. Identify lot size:                 tons (Tex-225-F and Balancing Production Rates Worksheet)
  2. The inspector and paving superintendent should have a discussion prior to making any changes to the lot size. Notify lab and plant personnel of any changes. The goal is to choose the lot size that consistently achieves four (4) sub lots per day.
  3. Discuss where to end lots. (exact tonnage, the nearest ticket to tonnage, etc.) 
  4. Discuss incomplete lots and sub lots. Will you carry into the following production day or closeout and begin a new lot? 


  1. Safety:
    1. Identify vehicles that have safety kits, fire extinguishers, and spill kits.
    2. Identify the nearest emergency room.
    3. Identify individuals who are certified in CPR and first aid.
  2. Discuss the Traffic Control Plan.
  3. Review applicable Special Provision
  4. Review the General Notes (material transfer device, backfill requirements, etc.).
  5. Surface Irregularities: If a pattern of surface irregularities is detected (including, but not limited to, color, texture, roller marks, tears, uncoated aggregate particles, or segregation):
    1. The Contractor shall make an investigation into the cause or causes and immediately take the necessary corrective action.
    2. Placement may continue for no more than one (1) day of production from the time the Contractor is first notified and while corrective actions are being taken.
    3. If no corrective action is taken or if the problem exists after one (1) day, paving shall cease until the Contractor further investigates the causes and the Engineer approves further corrective action.
    4. Remove and replace, at the Contractor’s expense, any mixture that does not bond or has surface irregularities.
  6. Discuss how to achieve the required Ride Schedule (Item 585 Ride Quality for Pavement Surfaces and Pay Schedule for Ride Quality)
  7. Discuss the need to establish random numbers at the end of the sub-lot and distribute accordingly.
  8. Roadway cores: (Tex-251-F and Tex-207-F)
    1. Discuss lane closures and safety in cutting the cores.
    2. Discuss not being able to cut the core at the end of the shift. When is the next available time to cut the cores?
    3. Discuss witnessing and chain of custody of the cores.

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