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Asphalt Pavement User Guide Webinar Series: Asphalt Pavement Mix Designs

Asphalt is commonly thought of as a structural material for roads, airfields, and parking lots, but its durability, smoothness, and flexibility make it suitable for other applications as well. In many areas around the world and across the U.S. asphalt pavements are successfully used for stormwater mitigation, sidewalks, bicycle paths, tennis courts, running tracks, pond liners, and railroad track beds. These specialty uses of asphalt mixtures are the subject of this chapter.

Texas Asphalt Pavement User Guide: Specialty Uses from Texas Asphalt on Vimeo.

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Notes From the Road

  • Paving with HMA in Cold Weather

  • Ground Personnel and Mobile Equipment

    Construction sites pose many dangers for the individuals who have to walk through them. Trip hazards, dust, slick conditions, and dropped objects are just a few of the many possible hazards present for those individuals walking around a construction site. A major hazard that can result in serious injury or fatalities for workers on the ground is mobile equipment operations.

  • Skid Steer Safety

    Skid steers are a common piece of equipment found in a variety of industries. While they are small, the danger these machines can pose can be large. It is critical to take time to recognize the hazards present during the operation of skid steers so that the necessary best practices can be followed.

  • School Zone Safety

    The end of summer means millions of Texas children have or will soon return to school. Drivers (on the job or off the job) need to be extra cautious as school zones become more active.


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