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Upon approval for membership the applicant shall pay the amount equivalent to one quarters dues or the total annual dues, depending on which method of payment is selected on the attached reporting form.  Regular member fees are calculated based on the total tonnage that is reported for produced, placed or produced and placed.  The maximum tons is 350,000 tons for each category.  The minimum fee for any calendar year shall be $1,800.00.  The maximum dues for any calendar year is $28,000.00.  Applying for membership after the first quarter, dues will only be charged for the remaining quarters of that year.  Click here to apply for Regular Membership. REGULAR_MEMBER_APPLICATION_A.pdf




Upon approval for membership, the applicant shall pay an initial fee of $1,250.00, which is equivalent to the first quarter dues.  Dues for Major Associate Membership are invoiced either quarterly or annually.  Attached with the membership application is the dues report form showing how to report the total tonnage for the year.   Each major associate member shall pay either a quarterly or annually tonnage fee on all liquid asphalt sold for hot mix binder applications in Texas, at a flat rate of $0.12 per ton during each calendar year. When the tonnage reaches a total of 100,000 tons, no further dues shall be charged during that year. The minimum dues for liquid asphalt tonnage per year is $5,000.00.  The maximum dues for liquid asphalt tonnage is $12,000.00 per year.  Click here to apply for Major Associate Member. MAJOR_ASSOCIATE_MEMBER_APPLI.pdf



The dues for associate membership shall be $1,000.00 per year. Membership shall have an annual renewal date of January 1 each year. Click here to apply for  Associate Membership.  ASSOCIATE_MEMBERSHIP_APPLICA.pdf